Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Architecture & Extortion: Thanks PhotoBucket!

Sorry everyone! Like hundreds of other bloggers who try to send out thought provoking and informative content, I received an extortion notice by PhotoBucket this summer. Where carefully placed images once resided, PhotoBucket banners how pollute my posts, requesting that I "update my account".  What the banners do not say is that the cost to link my blog's images from Photobucket has gone from $0 per month to $60 per month! So... I'm taking some time off to find another, less sleezy host! While I'm at it, I may do some reformatting as well. Until then, keep exploring, and stay away from PhotoBucket!

UPDATE: In May, PhotoBucket did the right thing and rescinded it's extortion against bloggers. I'm ready to resuming blogging as soon as I can pull some content together. I'm also ready to pull my tongue out of my cheek and say to my image host - Thanks PhotoBucket!